Green fingers 

We rounded off our term with a fun fact week learning about the parts of plants and their function. Did you know leaves are crucial to plants to make food through photosynthesis and the roots anchor the plant in the soil and suck up water for the plant? We know that plants need soil, sunshine and water and they are vital for life on earth to produce the oxygen we need to breath. We had so much fun making posters featuring pictures we made in the media suite.
In maths we have continued learning about money, introducing notes and spotting differences between sterling and foreign currency. We have used our knowledge of money to add, find change and solve word problems. Great work year 1!
In phonics we revised the ey digraph like in key. We also learnt the soft c and g, where a c turns to an s and g turns to j if they are followed by an I, e or y. Check out these videos for more information. 

We are looking forward to starting a new topic after the Easter holidays on the Little Red Hen and story writing skills. In maths we are covering length and height.
Have wonderful holidays and see you in the summer term! 


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