Fur, scales, feathers or fins

What fun we’ve had this week learning about different animals and the characteristics of birds, mammals, amphibians, fish and reptiles. Did you know reptiles are dry and scaly and lay eggs, and mammals have hair or fur, and usually give birth to their babies? Amphibians live in and out of the water and must stay moist. We’ve used our scientific facts to sort animals into groups and write clues for our class mates to guess an animal we were describing. It was so much fun and we proved to be very successful at listening carefully to guess correctly. Next week we will look more closely at how animals move, nocturnal animals and fish.
In maths, we have been working on numbers more and less to 100. We have also recapped on even and odd numbers, counting in 2s and 10s. We will continue our work on place value next week, incorporating money and counting tens and ones using bead strings. We would appreciate any small change you might have in the piggy bank to help us!
For our learning next week, please could you collect and bring in plastic screw top bottle lids and junk modelling materials (empty packaging like cereal boxes, bubble wrap, kitchen rolls etc). Thank you so much in advance.  
A big thank you for your support hearing your child read at home or playing phonic games – its really helping the children move along and be ready for their phonics screening check after the half term break.
You can play Buried Treasure here (hase 5, all). http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk
Enjoy the weekend!


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